Fintech Solutions

The digital transformation journey.

Najo Tech is responding to business imperatives by defining use cases that will allow it to effectively use the potential of technology and Cloud-based solutions.

USA Based
Established Team
Efficient Business Agility.

Najo Tech uses its strengths to help clients in the capital markets field move to a more digital world.

Understanding & Insights

Dedicated Product Competency for the most important products in the capital markets industry.

Solutions & Frameworks

Solutions and frameworks intended to speed the business transformation for our clients.

Delivery excellence

Proven experience in implementing big digital transformation programmes for our clients

Tools & Accelerators

Najo Tech gives a full picture of firm-wide parties, transactions, accounts, exposures and different connected risks in order to power a range of use cases from regulatory compliance to customer fraud protection.

Investing Management

Deep understanding of capital market investment management, dedicated counseling service and implementation capabilities and mature product competency.

Tracking Experience

Experience and extensive knowledge of past performance, Experience across equities, fixed income and derivatives and understanding of system requirements.
Information Technology

For Capital Markets

Capital markets organisations are rapidly embracing innovative technologies to speed company transformation, allow innovation and customer centricity by exploiting the information advantage. Company is focused on boosting market share, decreasing cost, prudent risk management and improving client experience by rethinking business and operating model through Digitalization. IT is responding to the business imperatives by establishing use cases to successfully use the power of technology and Cloud based solutions.

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