Fault Tolerance Surveillance Systems

Business & Residental Home Security

Your comprehensive security needs, Uninterrupted recording, Alarming Systems and Cloud Recording Storage.

Surveillance Systems

Our experts do a thorough project evaluation to discover the demands of your company, and then collaborate with you to build the security camera solution that is most suited for your specific application! HD, IP, wireless, or CCTV are all options.

Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are now more affordable than they were in the past, are available in both wired and wireless configurations, and can be connected to the internet, allowing you to monitor your property from virtually anywhere in the world.

Wireless Cameras

Once the signal is received by the Wi-Fi, it is transmitted to a cloud server, where it may either be watched in real time or preserved for later viewing and retrieval. Onboard micro SD cards are available in some cameras.

WiFi Video Doorbells

Najo Tech Wireless is a company specialized in wireless technology. Our Video Door bell systems may be placed anywhere in your home without the need of wires. You can see everything from the ground up with the 180° field of vision design, which includes design packages for difficult to reach spots.


Be alerted to occurrences that take place throughout your whole backyard, garage, or front door. Our Floodlight arrangement is capable of detecting objects up to the appropriate distance. With a wide-angle vision and zoom, you can see everything that is happening in real time.

Smart Home

While we provide a wide range of integration services, we like to keep things as straightforward as possible. All of our packages are built around the following components, which are all integrated into a single smart home platform that oversees and manages them all.

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