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Custom Builts, Repairs & Upgrades

Custom PC Builds

It's a satisfying experience to build your own computer. With our innovative method, we'll assist you in making certain that the compatibility of your chosen PC components is optimal.

Advanced Water-Cooled Builds

Aside from being visually appealing, water-cooled computers provide a number of benefits over traditional air-cooled systems, which rely exclusively on heat spreaders and fans to cool the machine.

Diagnostics, Testing & Troubleshooting

We will run a comprehensive diagnostic on your device and offer you with a repair quote. In the field of information technology and computer repair we stand behind our work and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on it.

Computer Hardware Repair

Computers are subjected to wear and tear, which can eventually result in a breakdown. No matter if you're experiencing a cracked or black screen, or a system will not boot up, our expert technicians, will run a diagnostic to identify the problem and then begin repairing or replacing any faulty components in order to return the machine to working order as quickly as possible.

Computer Hardware Installation

When purchasing computer equipment such as desktop computers, laptop computers, software, and smartphones, Najo Tech can provide consultation and installation services to assist you with the process. The service includes an evaluation of the user's requirements, dissemination of information about current options, assistance with purchasing, and installation.

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Mobile Devices

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