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Production Management

Through Robust I.T Solutions

IT systems for manufacturing can assist companies in adapting to all of these shifts quickly and efficiently. By analyzing the mistakes and successes of others, as well as the mistakes and successes of others, we can learn from each other.

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Digital Manufacturing Technologies

Successfull Companies Adaptation To Technology As A New Extension To A Product Line, Enhanced Operations And Achieved Less Downtime And Better-Quality.

IT Infrastructure

A good IT infrastructure is absolutely necessary for not violating regulatory, to improve performance and quality via real-time process monitoring, and improve reliability via appropriate maintenance, driven by up-to-date information on equipment status.

Reduced Costs

Managed I.T for production facilities will help you reduce manufacturing costs while they are controlled and minimised when there is no latency between material flow and information flow.


The technologies used include service-oriented architecture, systems and network analysis, wireless communication, enterprise mobility, design, and application of new technologies in the domain areas of operations research.

Making A Decision

I.T Systems will help corporate executive management planning a business strategy for ensuring lower manufacturing cost, and/or increasing reliability in order to get better return on production assets.

Investments & Return

By using the real-time infrastructure, a manufacturers can assist thier management and labour to maximise performance efficiency, manufacturing effectiveness, quality, reliability, and thereby increase the competitive advantage leading to better market share and better return.

Impact Of I.T

Maintenance is a function that not only concerns the maintenance organisation within the company but has an impact on production, inventory, purchasing and finance.
Najo Tech Provides

Steady Information Flow

A manufacturing company’s mission is to create tangible products that satisfy the needs of their customers, are of high quality and cost-effective, and are delivered on schedule. All manufacturing businesses face the challenge of finding and achieving the right balance between these attributes—quality, cost, performance, and time to market. Many businesses fail to meet the challenge, and those who do are frequently out of business within a short period of time.
Najo Tech Services includes the hardware that computes and communicates; the software that provides data, knowledge, and information while at the same time controlling the hardware; and the interfaces between computers and the tools and machines on the manufacturing facility.

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