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Make It More Accessible

Rapid transmission of information has made society more reliant on near-instantaneous access to data. Thus, medical practices began to use computerized systems as a result. It is only logical that healthcare providers will make use of the readily available information in order to better serve patients and their families.

HIPAA Compliant
Redundant Systems
I.T Effect on Healthcare

Some Of The Advantages That Information Technology Has Brought To The Field Of Healthcare.

Technology Diversity

Many types of technology utilized in healthcare that can help manage, store, and retrieve data, such as computer software and hardware programs, databases, electronic records, and point of care technology.

Efficient Care

Improved patient outcomes due to more efficient care, Better access to treatments for all patients & Improved healthcare and disease management

Electronic Records

Electronic medical records provide a patient's medical history, as well as a current complaint, laboratory, and radiographical data electronically instead of via paper charts.


In addition, the health records can be maintained and accessed from other places over the internet or private networks at any hour of the day, making the information even more accessible

Treatment Improvments

The ease of having patient information at the nurse's and physician's fingertips has really helped to improve the types of treatments a patient receives as well as help to make sure that the treatments are received in a timely manner.

Patient Outcome

The information that's provided to patients, as well as the information that the patient can retrieve on his or her own, has allowed healthcare providers to provide more detailed and thorough treatments and education to help improve patient outcomes.
In Simple Words…

Healthcare I.T

Healthcare Information technology is the use of computers and databases to make information more accessible. Computer software and hardware programs, databases, electronic records, and point-of-care technology are all examples of technology used in healthcare that can store and retrieve data.

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